The performative exhibition project DIE BUEHNE functions as a forum for investigating social, aesthetic and ecological questions. Situated on the countryside in Gerswalde, the program offers artists space for interdisciplinary discourse, and for questioning the meaning of artistic practices today. Launched with a first edition in September 2018 by Balz Isler, and continued on the 24. August 2019 with Işil Eğrikavuk and on the 7. September 2019 with Catherine Biocca, artists are invited to develop an experimental 1-day project in the space of Der Große Garten in Gerswalde. A focus on interdisciplinary collaborations and performative formats aims to further artistic research and exploration, and offers a contemplative space where participants and visitors can engage with the presented works. The project has been initiated and is curated by Lea Schleiffenbaum and Anna-Lena Werner.

A garden is a place of refuge - from everyday life, from convention, from the city, from social structures and expectations. In a garden we can think, experiment, or just be. A blooming hill with a small stream, vegetable fields, fruit trees and meadows, "Der Große Garten“ is a sanctuary around which a strong and solidary community of locals, expats and passers-by has grown. Here social projects and gardening meet contemporary art. DIE BUEHNE is very happy to be an active part of this community.

All three events organised by DIE BUEHNE received generous support from the Ursula-Wandres-Foundation and Tohuwabohu GmbH.

Contact us via info [at] diebuehne.org